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The 2023 Best of Bastrop County results are in, and J. O. thanks you for your support of his small local business!  It has already been 3 years since eminent domain due to the future highway 71 expansion took Fitties' highway frontage property and pushed the business farther back.  As a result, the eminent domain property greatly blocks the highway's view to the new location.  In addition, access to and from the new location may be a little difficult as customers navigate through the eminent domain portion of the driveway to Fitties' drive thru window.


The begin date of the future highway expansion project is still unknown, but J. O. continues to serve his customers with his signature smile and heartwarming personality.  If you have never been to Fitties, swing by and meet J. O. and get you something to eat.  He and his wonderful staff will be happy to serve you!

Closed Mondays & Tuesdays effective 9-18-22

September, 2022

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