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Since a child, James Gratten had continuously been fascinated by his family’s tradition of culinary arts, diving head-first at the first chance to learn hands on.  He later sharpened his trade in the food industry by narrowing his skills towards the heart of barbecue. The spices the Gratten's use to create their unforgettable cuisine still grow wild from Texas to the family's roots in Alabama.


On September 1, 1997, James established a new business, called Fitties BBQ. Years later, additional family members joined the business venture and accelerated the country smoked barbecue household name. Each family member is renowned for their own specialties within the culinary mix. Soon after, the business grew via word-of-mouth, while located in Bastrop, Texas. Fitties BBQ was just next door to the other family restaurants operations, all revered as the ‘Best Southern Food’ in town.



The Gratten family’s cooking has always been about community. Most customers are out of town travelers. Although this is a family owned business, the food, the hospitality, and the environment is something you must experience for yourself. ‘LOVE’ is added as the first ingredient before any of the meat touches the fire pit. Fitties offers brisket, pork ribs, sausage, chicken and burgers, plus breakfast. You will find many reviews on Google and Yelp. Come taste some of this good southern barbecue and pop some flavor in your soul!

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